Terms and conditions

Sri Lanka’s Digital Marketing College

1.1 In order to register, students must either access the registration system on rms.digitalmarketingcollege.lk or submit a Registration Form provided by an DMC staff.

1.2 For a student to be successfully registered, they must fill out the Registration Form accurately with all the required information.

1.3 Students who need to make modifications to their registration forms – such as changing of their name, contact number, postal address or email address – must contact the Academic Affairs department via email with amendments.

2.1 As a student of Digital Marketing College, we are committed to protecting the confidentiality of your personal information. We will continually review our privacy policy and make changes as necessary.

2.2 Students take on the responsibility of paying a course tuition fee in order to receive teaching and training related to their chosen course of study.

2.3 Students should be aware that no refunds will be provided if they choose to cancel their registration.

2.4 For students who fail to make their payment by the due date, access to the LMS (Learning Management System) and LIVE lecture sessions will be blocked.

2.5 As a student, it is your responsibility to ensure that all of your Course Fees are paid on time. If not, we reserve the right to suspend or withhold any and all education-related services and facilities - including assessment entry, Virtual Learning Environment services, and student support - during the Academic Year.

2.6 The course fees can be made via:
2.6.1 PayHere Online payment.
2.6.2 The students must make their cheque payment payable to "Jobzer Holdings pvt ltd" for completion of their financial obligations.
2.6.3 As a student of Digital Marketing College, please note that cash payments will not be accepted.

2.7 Students are required to pay a fee for the Certifications Ceremony.

2.8 The fee for attending the Certification Ceremony is not eligible for a refund nor for transferability to another person.

3.1 Third party payment can be an option for students to cover tuition fees, but even in these cases the student themselves remains responsible for ensuring that payment is received. If a third party fails to make the full payment, then it is ultimately up to the student to reimburse the fees due.

3.2 A third party can be employed to make payments on a student's behalf, with many employers, corporate bodies and government agencies electing to act as Sponsors when it comes to paying course fees.

3.3 If a student registers for a course while still employed at their current company and then decides to quit, the student must pay any remaining balance of the course fees not covered by their Third-Party Payment arrangement.

4.1 If a student wishes to skip their registered batch and jump to a later one, the process of batch transfer will be implemented. It is important to note that this practice is not generally encouraged and should only be done in exceptional circumstances for the student.

4.2 Batch transfer allows students to join their program's intake for the year without having to go through their original batch. This is subject to a limit of two such requests in a single year.

4.3 If the student has attended less than 25% of the live classes of the original batch they enrolled in, there will be no additional charges to accommodate the first batch skipping request. However, if they have attended more than 25% of live classes, a batch-skipping fee will be applicable.

4.4 When opting for a batch transfer, the fee offered earlier to the student remains applicable. This is applicable for their initial request of skipping a batch.

4.5 Batch transfer is a process by which students opt to bypass or 'skip' the current batch they are enrolled in and join the following one. However, if a student does choose to do this, all previous discounts offered will no longer be applicable and any amount of money already paid for prior intakes must be remitted in addition to the full fee for the new intake.

5.1 By submitting my application to APIDM, I hereby acknowledge that my acceptance is not guaranteed, and that my admission to the institution is contingent upon my successful compliance with all its regulations and requirements.

5.2 I hereby declare that I have carefully read, understand, and agree to the terms of this agreement that are binding upon me.

These terms & conditions may be amended from time to time and all current students will be notified about the changes. This document was last updated on [05/01/2023].