200% Real Secret you never know the power of social media comments it’s NOT all about responding to the comment or how to handle the social media comments.

It’s totally inverse progress in social media marketing, experts won’t tell you about social media marketing in Sri Lanka or in the world.

Can you believe Social media comments have become a significant tool for initiating sales conversations with potential buyers?

Power of Social Media Comments in 2023

For the Quick Summary.

CASE EXAMPLE STORY- Birds have a natural instinct to search for food while flying, either for themselves or for their flock. When they spot a potential food source, they will land and gather grains before taking off again to continue their search.

If you want to attract birds to your land and have them eat your grains, you can create a suitable environment for the specific types of birds you want to attract.

Keep in mind that different birds have different dietary needs and preferences, so it's important to research and provide the appropriate grains for each species. May you get the author’s thoughts what his exact view to move forward?

Here author mentioned birds are the audience, grains are your comments, and whatever your social media it should be your land.

The Power of Comments Engagement: Understanding the Process Chain

The process chain of comments engagement is a powerful tool for understanding how online interactions can impact comments.

By analyzing how users engage with comments, we can gain insights into the factors that drive engagement and shape online communities. Understanding this process chain can help us to create more effective strategies for fostering engagement and building strong online communities. 

Social media audiences naturally tend to engage with posts by leaving or reading comments. This is especially true for audiences who are using social media for personal or group purposes. When they come across a post with real and informative comments, they are likely to pause and read through them before moving on to other content.

social media comments process chain

The picture clearly illustrates that the process chain of comments engagement power in social media platforms can be applied. It can be observed that the audience of social media can be categorized into two different categories - participant and non-participant who plays different roles in improving the power of comments engagement.

Nonparticipants are inactive people who do not actively involve themselves with social media platforms in any way. It means that they don’t read the comments or participate in leaving the comments. Even though they represent a small percentage of the overall user base, this category of social media users is frequently ignored.

But participants are the active people who actively engage in social media by writing and reading the comments and making a significant impact on social media. They are encouraging discussion and promoting engagement on a variety of platforms.

The participants in social media can be classified as a priority audience and an occasional audience. 77% of those engaging in social media can be categorized as priority audiences, and the remaining 23% are categorized as occasional audiences. And the priority audience can be labeled as ‘Solid Buyers’ because they are likely to read 5 to 10 comments with the purchasing intention. But the occasional audience is likely to read only one visible comment and may not have an interest to have the sales conversation.

If the comments are written meaningfully, informatively, effectively, emotionally, and evocatively, they will have the great potential to turn not only the priority audience but the occasional audience into sales conversations, too.

But the comments are written over greetings, and spomments, as no reply comments, self-promotion, and negative comments it makes very challenging to turn into a sales conversation for both the priority audience and occasional audience.

If the comments are written positively and engagingly, it will help to attract both the priority audience and occasional audience into becoming the sales conversation stage by reading new comments regularly. Furthermore, reading the new comments helps to build a lookalike audience too. at this current stage, there are multiple benefits to be reaped like increased sales, increase look-a-like audience, positive readers, strong brand dignity, and reduce marketing costs.

But the comments are written over greetings, comments, as no reply comments, self-promotion, and negative comments it makes very challenging to turn into a sales conversation for both the priority audience and occasional audience.

Top 5 Types of social media comments

Social media comments can increase audience, comments may be informative and add value to the conversation. social media comments reflect the diversity of opinions and perspectives that exist within online communities.

  1. 1. Greetings
  2. 2. Questions
  3. 3. Feedback and review
  4. 4. Recommendation
  5. 5. Spomments [spam]

Positive comments are the most common type of social media comments. They are usually compliments, expressions of support, or appreciation for the content shared.

Negative comments are comments that express disagreement, criticism, or disapproval of the content shared. Negative comments can be hurtful and demotivating to the content creator.

But here we are NOT talking about it.

Comments = Comments naturally can lead to expanded attain + better branding + ultimately identified marketplace mindset.

They simply got an idea to start a sales conversation without any hesitation, in this juncture most of the social media management team ignored or missed good opportunities.

When it comes to reading comments, the majority of people (77.9%) choose to do so through social media platforms. However, a significant number (52.8%) also leave comments on product or service review sites and apps.


#1 Questions

Question comments are comments that ask for clarification or more information about the content shared. They are usually made by people who want to understand the content better. Question comments can be helpful to the content creator and other users who may have the same question.

When it comes to the comments as questions most of the comments are price based because the most popular online presence products are FMCG (Fast-Moving Consumer Goods) and cloths.

Power of social media comments

Here are some sample questions.

    • Price
    • Details
    • How to apply
    • Location

At this juncture, 49% of businesses are not properly answering the customer’s question, when a priority audience is ready to start reading those comments therefore the customer is not engaged with your comments.

Increase your brand sales conversion by maintaining better comments and responses. It will attract the audience immediately to the sales.

When responding to comments, it's important to be authentic. Don't use canned responses or generic replies. Instead, take the time to read each comment and respond in a way that is genuine and personalized.

  • #2 Recommendation

A recommendation is a proposal or suggestion for the most suitable action to take, often presented by a respected or authoritative entity. It can provide guidance and direction for individuals or organizations facing a decision or seeking advice.

This is the crucial strategy in social media, outstanding brands use the strategy to sustain their brand position in the current market.

If you have meaningful recommendation comments on products post, it is an expensive conversion tool for your recommendation be aware to add a keyword in the comments.

Major mistakes social media pages are asking for reviews on their pages, but they forget to ask for recommendation comments with social links or website URLs. 

Once they get them into the products post as comments priority visitors directly start their sales conversation in the inbox. Because it’s a very important comment to attain the audience to land your products.

On the other hand, add them as your campaign content and show off how many audiences recommended your products. It is a very smart tool to land a new audience on your social media.

Also, Humor is a great way to connect with your audience and make them feel more comfortable engaging with you.

Maintain a minimum of 5 to 10 comments as recommendations on your proven products, also it will be encouraging your other stakeholders to recommend them. Use this information to inform your content strategy and create content that resonates with your followers as well.

  • #3 Feedback

According to recent studies, a staggering 68% of consumers turn to social media to read reviews and gather information about products before making a purchase.

This makes social media reviews a key tool for businesses looking to improve customer service and increase sales. Additionally, the feedback provided through these reviews can be invaluable in helping businesses grow and succeed.

If you recognized feedback or reviews as a comment, it would be properly attainable for business. In this situation positive feedback is given more attention to the audience, however most attractive comments from unhappy customers, therefore learn from the unhappy customers but also it will call new audiences to the platforms.

Frequently you publish your comments in your article or post to the audience or sales conversion stories. That will give your sales growth and audience engagement within 60 days.

Amazon power of social media comments

Adidas negative power of social media comments

  • #4 Greetings and wishes.

Those who frequently leave greetings and social media comments on your post majority of the audience look like audience also they are company stakeholders.

However, the readers are not considering their wishes when they come to buy or to start sales conversion. Such as Awards Wishes, Celebration Wishes, and greetings.

It shows how to fit your audience with your brands.

  • #5 Spomments (SPAM Comments)

What are spomments, spam comments are called sopmments. Spam comments are comments that are irrelevant or repetitive. They are usually made by bots or people who want to promote their content or products. Spam comments can be annoying and clutter the comment section.

Self-promotion comments are comments that promote the commenter's content or products. They are usually made by people who want to increase their visibility or sales. Self-promotion comments can be seen as spam and can be annoying to other users.

Please be aware in spomments this is inactivated and loses rank online presence of your content. Maintain the appropriate comments and avoid spam comments about your products including self-promotion. Not emoji comments.

For example – Facebook has the option to filter major spam comments. Activate and use it to filter it.

How a social media post or page attracts an audience.

When it comes to social media marketing, there is no one-size-fits-all approach. However, there are certain elements that every successful strategy will include.

  •  Content / Visual / Captions
  •  Engagements
  •  Regular Activity

Hence, social media platform algorithms are using a strategy to reach audience engagement. Especially once increase the engagement with the proper audience it inevitably makes content viral.

what is a good social media comments engagement rate?

0.07% to 0.08% is the average engagement. On Facebook, the formula for success is all about the ratio. To calculate this ratio.

So, if you want to increase your engagement, focus on building a loyal following and creating content that resonates with your real audience also they should impress your contents and social media post comments.

social media engagement

The highest engagement rates, with an average of 11.5 interactions per 10,000 followers. Specifically, photo posts and status posts have engagement rates of 0.12% and 0.11%

Solution: Effective Social Media Posts should be.

When designing posts for social media, an important ratio to adhere to is the rule of 70:20:10.

This guideline suggests that 70% of content should be devoted to engaging with your followers, 20% should be used for content from relevant sources and 10% should be used for promotional messages. Adhering to this ratio can help ensure that you are providing interesting and engaging content without overdoing the promotional aspect.

70% of content should be informational, covering relevant topics such as best practices, important updates, industry news, and helpful insights. This type of content can be extremely effective in helping to engage customers, generate leads, and build trust in the brand.

In addition to that, approximately 20% of posts should focus on emotional aspects, such as company culture, core values, inspiring stories, and funny anecdotes.

Crafting this type of content can help to create a connection with audiences and cultivate loyalty among them.

The remaining 10% of the post should focus on promotional material that is designed to directly promote products or services. This content should be aimed at increasing leads, sales, and brand awareness, to increase the success of the business.

social media post should be

Conclusion of the Power of social media comments

Social media comments can be a powerful tool for attracting and engaging an audience. In fact, 9% of social media specialists use commenting as a frequent strategy.

By leaving recommendations, asking questions, and responding to feedback in the comments section, you can increase your reach and build a loyal following on your social media platform.

Maintaining quality comments on your potential post would be pulling the audience to land on your social post.

Engaging with your audience through thoughtful and high-quality comments can help attract more viewers to your social media posts. By fostering a sense of community with effective social selling and encouraging discussion, you can create a more dynamic and engaging online presence.

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